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I could start outlining the novels now OR I could do it tomorrow.

I’ve always responded well to deadlines. I was the kid in university that studied for her exams the night before. I did my research for all the papers due that semester within a week of getting the assignment yet left the actual writing until 72 hours before it was due. In fact, my best semester resulted after I decided to read through my notes and as much of the textbook before falling asleep then getting up to write the exam.

Why stop now?

Procrastination is a double-edged sword, my friend. And a very sharp one at that. Yes, living within the confines of a well-defined schedule  forces me to sit down and apply my grey matter to the task at hand, yet the pressure to complete sometimes massive projects can be overwhelming. The amount of tears spilled were not proportionate to the grade received, I can assure you.

I hope the challenge I’ve issued will result in 7 things:

1) I establish a solid writing habit

2) Will help me learn time management skills

3) I learn about myself through the masterpieces (or craptastically magnificent door stoppers) that are the end product each month

4) There will be at least 1 little gem that I can polish up and enjoy as a legitimate work of art

5) Learn to function without my internal critic and its sidekick, the internal editor (THEY feels they’re important. Are they? I highly doubt it.)

6) The satisfaction of completing a project (I’m not usually known for my perseverance when it comes to big projects)

7) The ability to proudly state that I am a novelist

I’m not kidding myself- this next year is going to be all about quantity over quality. Some days my little fingers will be on fire and the prose being created will be beautiful. Other days, my eyes will be on fire and I’ll be lucky to string enough sentences together for a paragraph. I have a feeling those days will be mostly dialogue.

This project is for me. So what the majority of genres on my list I’ve never read (i.e. Westerns) or I’ve attempted to read but never could (i.e. Pulp Fiction of the Maltese Falcon variety)? I’m intrigued by the various styles out there and am excited to try my hand at various types. I suspect the most frustrating months will be when I’m working on one of those unknown genres but who knows what may result! The final list of genres selected will be posted Thursday then it’s off to the races!

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