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It’s another delightful day to inspire some quality writing. Even though I had my first nightmare of this project last night, I remain optimistic. I’m really looking forward to starting this endeavour; it may seem daunting but when viewed the right way, it’s not so scary. I wonder if the writer and director of “What About Bob?” realized that “baby steps” actually works? Some how I have a feeling that is the only useful piece of psychotherapy the movie has to offer (god help the person who’s on the receiving end of the “death therapy”…). I’m totally going to baby step my way through this coming year.

I had a conversation with one of my bestest friends last weekend and she informed me that I’m not very forgiving towards myself. Now will be the perfect time to learn. My goal is to write and complete 12 novels but in reality, will that happen? I don’t know. I think being successful with this is going to be sticking with it (whether I want to or not) and being honest about doing my best. I never think that I’ve jumped in the deep end and the task is too momentous to tackle, I just take it one day at a time. Sure there will be good days and bad but that’s part of the reason why I decided to start a blog. If I make this process as public as possible, I hope that will keep me on track and motivated. I’ll also post an excerpt at the beginning of each month from the work that I just finished.

As promised, here’s the final list selected:

1. Memoir (I know this isn’t technically a novel but it will have fictitious parts so it’s not 100% truth)

2. Western (never read one of these)

3. Adventure

4. Fantasy (not one of my favourites I generally try to avoid them)

5. Chick Lit (I spend way too much time reading these)

6. Horror (the obvious choice for October!)

7. Steampunk (Nope. No experience reading this genre either)

8. Romance (I tried a short story once, It’s tougher than you might expect.)

9. Mystery (I can guarantee I’m no Agatha Christie)

10. Fiction

11. Sci Fi

12. Pulp Fiction ( of the Maltese Falcon variety. I’ve tried reading it but couldn’t finish it.)

I’m really excited for the variety and the challenge each month will hold for me. There’s nothing I like more than to stretch my creative muscles and challenge myself to learn and grow. I hope you all enjoy the coming year as much as I will!

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