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Final Word Count for July 1, 2011: 2,862 (6 pages & a few lines); 1 full-page journal entry completed

I survived the first day! Yay, go Team San! It was a bit tough getting back into the writing groove but I managed it. With a pretty quiet holiday (Smart thinking, starting on Canada Day!), I was able to take my time and slowly start stretching some embarrassingly atrophied creativity muscles. It took me about 7 hours to finish my work for the day but I was all over the place. The dogs (mine and my roommate’s 2 setters) were wild little hooligans. Some times I’d be dragging one out of the garden while keeping my little one from trying to escape and the third from doing god-knows-what sort of naughtiness. My sister lives in New Zealand right now and during a surprise call last night I asked her to remind me of my life right now if I ever get serious about a man who has a family history of twins.Sheesh.

I tried writing outside in the backyard to make the most of the beautiful day but between the sun (I HATE being hot and tanned) and the fact that I couldn’t see my screen, I had to move inside. Right now I don’t have a comfortable spot to write but I managed to make do with the pseudo kitchen table we have. It’s at a pretty awkward height so I’m going to have to do something about the seating (and the fact that I face the t.v.). For now it’ll have to do. I did find it was helpful to keep the same movie (The Mummy with Brendan Fraser repeated I think 3 times or something ridiculous like that) playing while I was working. I seem to need conversation and peripheral visual stimulation to help me focus. I think that’s why I enjoy coffee houses.

About half way through the afternoon and 3 chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches, I realized I’m going to have to stock on healthy nibbles. If I’m not out walking the dog, I’m  going to get really fat really fast. And that just won’t do. I absolutely love hot yoga so I’ve got my fingers crossed that by September I’ll have my routine down so I can re-add yoga to my schedule. Dance classes will resume full-time in September so I should be in good form by Christmas. I know for me, having an active life is a huge component of my creative process. In my experience, I gain a lot of clarity and figure out the answers when I’m pushing myself to swim 1 k in under 20 minutes or pushing myself a little deeper into a twist during yoga. Right now I get my fix with dog walks and social dances.

I woke up this morning feeling like this is a part time job. Not in the I-have-to-go-to-work-today sense but the time commitment involved. I underestimated how much time this will take, at least until I get into a steady routine.I hope I get into the swing of things soon!

Off I go for Day 2!


*Please note: I don’t have internet at home so I may not be able to post on Sundays. I will do my best but if not, there will be two posts on Monday.

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