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Final Word Count: July 4, 2011- 1.843 (3 pages and a paragraph); 1/2-page journal entry

Well, yesterday didn’t go so well. It’s not that I was slacking, I just got dazzled by the glowing computer screen and frittered my time away at the Procrastination Station. I thought I’d have more time when I got home to work on my writing but sadly that wasn’t the case. I might not have gotten any work done if I hadn’t written a page and a bit before work.

I don’t know what got me so out of sorts. Perhaps it was just that I was tired or feeling uninspired by the current chapter but whatever it was, it seems to be better today. I don’t know about you but in university I found myself feeling tired and stressed around exam time. I inevitably felt like I couldn’t go to bed until I had finished a certain amount of work. That kind of work discipline is just a recipe for disaster. You may feel like you’re getting things accomplished but when you’re trying to learn, it’s next to impossible and if you’re trying to do something like write, all you’re producing is crap.

I don’t ever want to read this memoir once it’s finished. I know my voice and tone are as stable as your average Hollywood romance and the flow of the story has long ago gone to Hell in a fast car. At this point, I’m just focused on spewing out whatever my little grey cells come up with and not bothering with the extras (such as coherence). I know this is what first drafts are for but surely they tend to be better than this drivel.

As much as it seems I’ve fallen out of adoration with my work, I’m still really enjoying the process. This make be the worst first draft in the history of all the writers that ever lived but it’s my story and it feels good to be pulling my life together into a condensed little package. There’s definitely a sense of satisfaction I’m getting from this work.

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