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That’s pretty much it as far as I’m concerned today. Camp is going to save my sanity this month, I hope it starts again in August!


I’m hot and hungry and buzzing with about a thousand watts of nervous energy. Thank goodness for camp!


Official Camp NaNoWriMo Attendee for July 2011

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Final Word count: July 5, 2011- 1, 432 (2 1/2 pages); 1 journal page and a few lines

This is a disaster! I don’t know why I’m slowing down and what’s deterring me since I’m still enjoying writing this memoir. Each day I get further into it though, I have less of a desire to read it. I tend to be like that with food though. It’s the overexposure that makes whatever I’m cooking lose its appeal.

I gave up working on the chapter that was all about my life in Europe. Perhaps the sticking point was the fact that it’s going to be impossible to condense two years of a perma-vacation into a book chapter. i’m also flying by the seat of my pants so there are no notes, roughly-sketched outlines or diaries to reference. Hence, this tome is going to be a distilled version of my life to date with all the memories I still retain. Seriously, fat lot of good that’ll do me. Why bother writing something down when I still remember it? The nuances of my life are lost. When I kept a journal I was wonderful at documenting everything from my day but now this memoir is goingt o be a randomly collected bunch of events from my past.

Is it bad news for me that I can’t wait to move on to the next project? I still enjoy writing but I’m looking forward to working on something that has nothing to do with my memories so each day I can zip along, making the wildest stuff up if I feel like it. Perhaps doing 6 pages a day is too ambitious and it’s stressing me out.

ARGH my writing career is too young to be having a crisis like this! There’s so much going on in my life right now and it’s not even as full as it will be in the foreseeable future! How am I going to squeeze all my writing in? There’s moving day at work tomorrow (It’s pretty darn tootin’ exciting) and I’m picking up the pace for my Irish lessons since my tutor’s moving back to Ireland at the end of the month (I’ll be hanging off her leg begging her to stay). Work will be changing too¬† so there’s so much to adjust to and restructure. Not to mention my social life surrounding the jazz fest. I said in the past I’d never date a student after entering the working world. Well now I can’t see myself dating anyone BUT a student! I need the time they’d use to study to get this writing done.

I know in the beginning I said it’s not realistic to expect to finish all 12 but it would be nice to start off with a good track record. I don’t want to settle for doing “okay” when I could do better. I just don’t know what to do. I’m stuck right now and I hate not being able to figure out what the best plan of attack is.

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