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Final Word Count: July 6, 2011- 1,608 (4 pages); 1 journal page

First off, CONGRATULATIONS to my bosses on the move to our new space! I loved work before but now I’m never going to want to go home! It’s that spectacular 🙂

I n my room last night after getting home and I think I’ll be more productive now that I have my kitchen table positioned so that I can open it up and use it properly. I noticed the difference right off the bat so here’s hoping!

My Mom got home from a visit to England on Tuesday so I’ve been pestering her as usual on the brat phone (yes, I admit,  I still have my sister’s phone that’s attached to my parents’ family account along with my own cell) and while talking with her I completely outlined the plot of next month’s novel. Since it’s going to be August and hot, I thought a western was the obvious choice.

I still have some moving to do but I was itching to post something today. WordPress is quickly becoming one of my favourite aspects of this project. I’ll see you all tomorrow! Have a lovely Thursday 🙂

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