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Final Word Count: July 7, 2011- 1,750 4 pages); 1 journal page

Oh boy! I’m getting back on track finally! I’m still not back to where I should be but it feels great to be zipping through my writing. I’m working on the next chapter about life and it’s actually going pretty smoothly. I think I needed to get my work station set up and out of the chapter about my life in Europe and the 6 months living in a convent. It may sound exciting but apparently I don’t think it’s too exciting since it was tough scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Ah, the Procrastination Station, I love it but I wish I had more self-control. I got so caught up that I almost forgot to write my little post today! Bad, San.

There’s nothing much to report today. I was working on my story last night until about 12:30. Things didn’t get started until fairly late but better late than never, right?I hope things keep continuing along on this path and the sticky spots have been addressed already. Reviewing the chapters left, I think the ones left will be better.

I think tonight I’m going to make my ultimate faaaaaaavourite meal- sausage with onions and peppers- and a super amazing pasta salad. I may just eat half of it tonight. I’m just so hungry right now that I could eat the contents of a small grocery store. I’m really looking forward to an amazing dinner and solid evening of writing.


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