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What a Day!

Final Word Count: July 8, 2011- 372 (1/2 page); 1 journal page

Yes, you read correctly. Yours truly SERIOUSLY slacked off on her writing duties yesterday. I have no explanation or argument for this delinquent behaviour. I almost forgot to write in my journal!It doesn’t look too promising for today either- I had a full day at work and with dance classes tonight, there goes my Saturday. It’s unfortunate that the weather was prime for a day of writing too. C’est la vie, ma chere.

The writing is at least coming along a little better now. There seems to be more to work with or it’s more engaging. Whatever the cause, I’m grateful.It’s like a puff of fresh air when I open my laptop and settle in to write. The words come faster and freer now and there’s natural thought progression in my work.

I’m still watching “The Mummy” but not as much now. I’m trying to find something else to use as alternate background noise. I’ve really been working well to “Murder, She Wrote.” Maybe there’s a bit of support and encouragement one writer to another (however pretend it may be). That might sound crazy but if I didn’t live on the fanciful side I certainly wouldn’t be writing 12 novels in a year.

When I was talking with my Mom last night the subject of traveling came up and I told her I don’t need vacation this year since I get to have 12 different lives. I can spend a month in a different place, have all sorts of different names, and make “people” do exactly what I want. All it will take is a bit of research and a whole lot of imagination. I think that’s a pretty great deal.

We’ll see how things go tomorrow. My fingers are crossed that it will be a pretty productive day but we’ll see since I’m treating myself to a shopping excursion and I’m going to see Preservation Hall Jazz Band tomorrow night at the Jazz Fest. I can’t wait; it’s going to be amazing.


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