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Woops. Bad, San!

Slacker San has struck again. I managed to get some work done yesterday but I needed to get my little shopping excursion completed so I could get those items off my mind. It’s a nightmare getting to the Hydrostone from home so the trip really ate into my day. By the time I got home I just had time to grab a bite to eat, a shower, a quick nap before heading out to the Jazz Festival.

For my obvious lack of commitment to this project right now, the day was completely and utterly worth it. If you ever have a chance, you HAVE to go see the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. The show is spectacular, the music is wonderful and as “Young Love” puts it: if you have the chance, you must dance, dance, dance. My friend and I got to dance to the band so we were up front and centre for the entire set. It was amazing. I got my CD signed afterwards and got to talk with the band members (absolute sweethearts by the way!).

I had high hopes for this weekend but it was not meant to be. I don’t know if I should re-adjust my schedule for writing or whether it’s just a blip. I’ll just start working again this week. At first the fresh word count each day was incredibly intimidating but once I gloriously bombed my word count trend so I no longer have the fear of not keeping to my 6-page limit.

I hate not taking this month’s story so uninspiring and I’m not really taking things seriously. It’s kind of scary actually, that my little memoir isn’t keeping my attention like it probably should considering it’s MY LIFE. *Le Sigh* I’m going to persevere though. Thank goodness I have a new adventure waiting for me next month but for now, I must live in the present and enjoy the piece I’ve chosen to work on this month.

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