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Final Word Count: July 11, 2011- 1,110 words (2 pages); 1 journal page

The weather is finally cooperating with my sensitive artistic spirit. I’ve never been a sunshine-loving person; I really am Irish at heart. Give me a cool, overcast or drizzly/rainy/thunderstorming day any time over 20+ Celcius degree weather with blinding sun. Halifax suits me to a T. With the overcast skies and being able to listen to the cars zipping along the wet road,I feel inspired and focused now. I’d love to curl up at a comfy desk with a pot of tea and let my imagination go.

I’m working on the ergonomics at work and settling myself in my new office but I can tell you right now that even with things still coming together, if it weren’t for Yesterday, I’d never want to go home. Having the dog waiting for me is a pretty strong pull to return home each day.

I’ve been trying to be better behaved and more disciplined with my writing and the day before today was not too shabby. I managed to get more done than the past couple days and I even was able to get a start this morning before being lulled away by the Procrastination Station. I think things are on the upswing right now; hopefully this trend will continue.

Happy Tuesday!

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