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Final Word Count: 800 words (1 1/2 pages); 1 journal pages

I stumbled a bit yesterday with my work. the day drastically improved but I spent literally allll evening socializing with my roommate discussing our grand redecorating schemes. I’ve rediscovered my passion for Murphy Beds and have put it back on my wish list. Otherwise, I’d love to paint my room in the near future. I’m thinking sage green, a fresh pink and a chocolate brown accent wall. But I digress.

Last night as I was working on my journal, I felt it was important today to talk a bit about adventures.

a few years ago, a friend’s sister rode across Canada on horseback. It took her 6 months. The summer before, my sister did a solo motorcycle trip across the U.S., ending up completing a giant loop- starting in NY state, going down the Eastern seaboard, across the bottom, up through California then cutting across t the interior a bit to the Midwest then back to New York. It took her 6 weeks. Needless to say, I felt extremely left behind these two adventurous souls.

According to dictionary.com:


[ad-ven-cher] Show IPA noun, verb, -tured, -tur·ing.



an exciting or very unusual experience.

participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises: the spirit of adventure.

a bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome.

a commercial or financial speculation of any kind; venture.

Obsolete .


peril; danger; risk.

chance; fortune; luck.
Traditionally, adventures have included action, danger and throwing yourself corporeally into the unknown. I’ve discovered that that’s really not the case. An adventure almost always involves challenges, obstacles and self-discovery of un-tapped strength, determination and perseverance. I desperately wanted to join the elite circle of people who have amazing stories to tell after embarking on an odyssey. I never thought until now that my own would not involve maps and camping gear, rather a computer and my imagination.
Thinking about a road trip, I wanted to make mine spectacular. I got as far as buying a map of North America but would freak out whenever I saw it. I had a feeling it would never happen so I gave up on the dream. The 12 novels in 12 months is much more my speed. I love the idea of challenging myself to write as much as possible without censoring my thoughts, words or decisions (well, regarding plot.). The idea of exploring a new genre with a new cast of characters each month is exhilarating. This is so much better than any trip I could physically take. I will never be limited by time, money, ability or sheer logic. The only thing holding me back will be my creative limits. Not even social and ethical boundaries are taboo. If I get pissed off at a character, I can kill him/her off. It’s so incredibly liberating to have the freedom to allow myself to explore any aventure that piques my interest.
This is the perfect blend of some of my passions: writing and research. I really feel no inclination to embark on an epic journey when the world is at my fingertips. If I come across an intriguing place I’ll earmark it for the future.
It’s wonderful to discover that an adventure can be anything at all. Everyone should have major one (or more if you’re lucky!) at some point in their life.

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