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Weekend Diversion

Final Word Count: July 17, 2011- 1,077 (2 pages); I don’t remember if I wrote in my journal :s

I finally bought a memory stick for this project yesterday and I felt so awesome in Staples. I couldn’t find the memory stick so I asked a sales guy to help me out and when he asked how much storage space I’d need I told him I’m going to be writing a lot this this year so I think I’d need a decent amount. He asked how much is a lot and I said “Probably around a 1,000 pages and there’ll be research too.” I got the same feeling of productiveness and satisfaction as I get when I buy a yoga magazine or classes a the local yoga studio. Even though I can honestly say that, it doesn’t mean it’s a fait accompli.

It looks like I bought the stick just in time. I could have sworn I did my entry last night but if I did, I didn’t save it because it’s not there. It’s so scary thinking that I could lose all my work in the blink of an eye and even more scary that it’s on a little plastic tab that could easily get lost. Considering how old my poor little MacBook is (it just had it’s 4th birthday this spring) and has done nothing to cause me to doubt it’s ability to function, I just can’t take chances. How devastating would it be to lose an entire month’s worth of work?

I’m really looking forward to getting back into the 4-figure word count productiveness this week. It’ll keep my mind busy and focused on other things than the tangent my life took this weekend. I absolutely love the moments when the blinders are removed and life sparkles in all its glory. I don’t think I’ve had that much fun in a very long time. There’s something so wonderful about being with a group of people who know how to have fun without having to drink like fishes. Everything about Saturday night was perfect- the setting, the band, the singer, people dressed to the nines (or not) and dancing like a fiend. Battle wounds aside (a severely bruised but not broken toe), it was the best night so far this summer.

With Monday comes the return to real life, work, writing and studying my Irish (I’d graduated to learning the tenses now!). As much as deviations from the norm are awesome and necessary, there’s something to be said for routine and normalcy.

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