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Final word Count: July 18, 2011- 1,578 (3 pages); 1 journal page

It felt great to be laying in bed with a stream of consciousness whizzing onto the page. Not much is more satisfying than seeing page after page filling up with tiny lines, circles and dots of the alphabet. It’s amazing to feel so productive and at the same time liberating to get these thoughts out of my brain.

Life’s been busy so far this week, which is good. Nothing good comes from being idle. I love having projects on the go and having a zillion things to do. I’m my own worse enemy when it comes to having too much free time. My brain starts taking tangents that are better to be left un-chartered.

Hanging out at work, I got caught by the Procrastination Station again but then I made a Skype date with one of my bestest friends so zip… there went more time! I’ve got lots of points to cover tonight so I should be able to write quite a bit tonight. Of course in between social night at home, walkies and grocery shopping.

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