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I don’t know where my day went today. Yesterday was unexpected so it was a complete write off. Another lesson I learned.: write whenever I can because who knows what kind of unexpected events will happen.

Well, today didn’t even start off too promising. I slept in from a stressful night before and tried getting some work done on the bus ride in but hit a bit of a brick wall. I realized that perhaps my “social life” chapter will overlap the “friends” chapter too much so maybe I need to consolidate them. It was hurting my head to figure it ut so I skipped to the next one.

I misjudged the timing as far as work went and am quickly losing the time I thought I had between work and going out tonight. It’s amazing how the heat, among other things, can zap you. To be honest, I’m finding it hard to finish this piece. I’m just not in the proper frame of mind (I didn’t even have the heart to pun there) to work on this. Maybe after tonight I’ll be a little less preoccupied with things and can settle back down. You know the feeling when you’ve been in one position for too long and all of the sudden realize you have to stretch, like RIGHT NOW? Well, that’s how I feel. I have all sorts of buzzing, nervous energy zipping through my body and I don’t know exactly what will help dissipate it.

Today would have definitely been a good day for a “to do” list.While seeing what needs to be accomplished can be daunting, seeing each item ticked off is a pretty great sense of productivity and highly satisfactory. Come to think of it, it’s never too late to write a list up so here we go…

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