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Final Word Count: July 27, 2011- Pffft who knows. (Maybe a page and a half); Forget about the journal entry

It hasn’t been the best day yesterday or today. With life picking up and work getting busy again (yay me!) I’m still feeling productive, just not in an artistic way. Today might not be much better.

There’s really not much to say about my writing since there’s not much to be talked about. I really wish there was, I’m getting a little antsy now to get this done; if nothing else, this project right now is really pointing out how fleeting time is and how much I still have to get done. I’m kind of started freaking out. I’ve spent the past couple days confident that I’d get my 50,000 words and possibly 100+ pages.

I’m still on par with the schedule at 44,052 words and 85 pages. I remain optimistic that I can make it but I think I’ve used up my emergency spare words. From now on I’m going to have to tow my weight and get my words written! It’s time I settle down and get serious about putting this book to bed. THANK GOD! This idea’s been dangling around my neck for 3 years, weighing me down. As of August 1st, it’s onwards and upwards!

Until then, the blinders are on and my fingers to the keyboard as my story continues to develop.

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