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Final Words count: July 31st- 3,800 (8 pages); journal entry to be completed tonight

It’s done! I’ve successfully achieved my 50,000 word count (actually I surpassed it) and made my 100 page goal. It feels like I should be writing like a little maniac deep into the night as is my usual habit but nope. I get the night off! Guilt free! How exciting is that?!

I decided that this kind of project very definitely deserves a reward system so I’ve decided to pay myself $10 for every 10,000 words. That may not sound like a lot, but it’s something that I can feel like I earned. I’m paying myself for my work and the incentive is there in the form of little treats I’ve discovered but are non-essentials. I’ve gotten out of the habit of treating myself to little extravagances. Rather than “earning” it in some way, I’ve fallen into the consumeristic attitude of “if I want it, I’ll get it.” I want to surround myself with things that mean something. Like a little jewelry tree I found and I love. I want to look at it and remember the wonderful mystery (or whatever) I wrote that “paid” for it.

Now that I finished the nonfiction piece (I’ve disqualified myself from NaNoWriMo this month), I have very mixed feelings about it. Of course it’s a huge relief that it’s done and I can release that idea. I’m one idea lighter and it feels great. On the other hand, it’s been a tough month with little epiphanies coming to light. I also have a morbid feeling now like something can happen to me but I’ll still be around comforting my friends and family. I certainly hope that’s not the case but it’s weird. I think my problem is that I have an overwhelming sense of completeness about my life- something I never expected to feel so soon. It doesn’t help that I started this 4 years ago (as of September) and it’s about my life to date. Maybe part of the weirdness is that I can only write nonfiction about the past and as of yet my future is still unknown and removed.

I have no idea what I’m going to do with this story but I do know that I’m not going to touch it for the next year. When next July comes around I’ll dust it off, read it, and contemplate what should be done. Maybe this will turn into a 2 year project and I’ll take the corresponding year next year to revisit last year’s work and polish it up. Goodness knows it’ll need some reworking (in varying degrees).

It’s been a wild ride and as much as I may have whined, I’ve loved every minute. Onto the next one! I can’t wait!

Did I mention that I was in a photo shoot this morning as well?! What a day! I was traipsing around town dressed up in my finest vintage outfit getting my picture taken. On top of being a novelist, I’m also going to be a calendar girl! I have to keep an eye out, I may also be in the newspaper tomorrow. It amazes me that with a life so full, my days seem to expand to accommodate all sorts of unexpected, yet super awesome events. I’m so thankful that as of yet I haven’t had to compromise or decide what experience I want to try more. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my life?

I sincerely hope everyone experiences something like I have right now. If I could give you all a bit of the ecstasy¬†that is zinging around in me. Everyone deserves what I’ve found. It’s true that the joy, happiness and contentment in life is found in the little things. For me, it happens to be writing, dancing and learning Irish (and a great job that allows me the freedom to do all this).

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