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Final word Count: July 18, 2011- 1,578 (3 pages); 1 journal page

It felt great to be laying in bed with a stream of consciousness whizzing onto the page. Not much is more satisfying than seeing page after page filling up with tiny lines, circles and dots of the alphabet. It’s amazing to feel so productive and at the same time liberating to get these thoughts out of my brain.

Life’s been busy so far this week, which is good. Nothing good comes from being idle. I love having projects on the go and having a zillion things to do. I’m my own worse enemy when it comes to having too much free time. My brain starts taking tangents that are better to be left un-chartered.

Hanging out at work, I got caught by the Procrastination Station again but then I made a Skype date with one of my bestest friends so zip… there went more time! I’ve got lots of points to cover tonight so I should be able to write quite a bit tonight. Of course in between social night at home, walkies and grocery shopping.

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Weekend Diversion

Final Word Count: July 17, 2011- 1,077 (2 pages); I don’t remember if I wrote in my journal :s

I finally bought a memory stick for this project yesterday and I felt so awesome in Staples. I couldn’t find the memory stick so I asked a sales guy to help me out and when he asked how much storage space I’d need I told him I’m going to be writing a lot this this year so I think I’d need a decent amount. He asked how much is a lot and I said “Probably around a 1,000 pages and there’ll be research too.” I got the same feeling of productiveness and satisfaction as I get when I buy a yoga magazine or classes a the local yoga studio. Even though I can honestly say that, it doesn’t mean it’s a fait accompli.

It looks like I bought the stick just in time. I could have sworn I did my entry last night but if I did, I didn’t save it because it’s not there. It’s so scary thinking that I could lose all my work in the blink of an eye and even more scary that it’s on a little plastic tab that could easily get lost. Considering how old my poor little MacBook is (it just had it’s 4th birthday this spring) and has done nothing to cause me to doubt it’s ability to function, I just can’t take chances. How devastating would it be to lose an entire month’s worth of work?

I’m really looking forward to getting back into the 4-figure word count productiveness this week. It’ll keep my mind busy and focused on other things than the tangent my life took this weekend. I absolutely love the moments when the blinders are removed and life sparkles in all its glory. I don’t think I’ve had that much fun in a very long time. There’s something so wonderful about being with a group of people who know how to have fun without having to drink like fishes. Everything about Saturday night was perfect- the setting, the band, the singer, people dressed to the nines (or not) and dancing like a fiend. Battle wounds aside (a severely bruised but not broken toe), it was the best night so far this summer.

With Monday comes the return to real life, work, writing and studying my Irish (I’d graduated to learning the tenses now!). As much as deviations from the norm are awesome and necessary, there’s something to be said for routine and normalcy.

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Final Word Count: July 16, 2011- 0 words, 0 journal pages

I did no writing yesterday and while it felt good to veg out and do nothing, today I really feel like I’m missing a piece of me. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to look back to yesterday’s work and realize that the morning before this hadn’t existed.

I had a really busy day yesterday but that’s really no excuse. When vegging out between getting home from the hairdresser until it was time to get ready for the dance, I think I was watching movies. I’m not saying you should be able to know where each minute of your day goes, but it’s such a waste to go to bed with a chunk of your day unaccounted for. My entire life was like that for years (mostly in college) and even within these short 2 weeks I’ve noticed the difference when I don’t do any writing.

I may get frustrated with a low word count but at the end of the day, it’s not the word count that matters but the fact that I’ve been productive with my life and I’ve been living. A fulfilling life doesn’t have to be filled with fast cars, skydiving expeditions and other wild adventures. The purpose of life is creation and that’s what I strive to do each day.

My writing may not be spectacular and I’m not striving for the reputation of James Joyce and his purported flawless first drafts. Nothing created is ever perfect and it’s the flaws that are derived from the struggle to bring this creation into being. However it turns out, I’m proud of it and of myself for sticking with it. Life sometimes will get in the way but that’s okay. Everything happens for a reason. Perhaps I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to continue working on the relationship chapter so I took the day off to recharge my batteries. There’s always tomorrow.

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Half Way There

Final Word count: 774 (2 pages); 1/2 journal page

I did it! I surpassed the 25,000 word mark last night, actually on the bus ride home, it feels wunderbar! I still have a long way to go, but I’m right on track to achieve my goal and who knows, I may break the 100 page mark (I’m at 50 now). Anything’s possible.

I should start planning my next story. It’s going to be a lot of fun to write so I don’t want to get mired in complicated scenes or end up with too many characters so a little structure might be prudent.

Today is going to continue to be full of awesomeness. Work kept me busy and out of trouble and with a highly anticipated hair appointment at 3 pm then a good 4 hours or so of solid writing time to look forward to, I’m going to be in great shape for the dance tonight. If you’re downtown, look for the girl with the spectacular retro-styled hair typing madly on her laptop. Stop by and say hi!

I can’t wait to get started on my work and see where today takes me. It’s been a little painful working on the relationship chapter of the memoir. It’s actually the crux of my story- this idea sprouted from a break up. I’ve been learning a lot about myself, both as a person and a writer, and some of it hasn’t been the most delightful to realize. I suppose the hallmark of a good memoir are all the good and bad bits being given equal attention as needed. That doesn’t make this pill and easier to swallow.

Of course more updates to come as this month unfolds. Have a happy weekend!

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Final Word Count: July 14, 2011- 1,401 (3 pages); 1 journal page

I was at my super awesome Irish lesson today and my love love LOVE of Ireland woke up with a vengance. I don’t know how exactly I’m going to get over there but I will figure out a way. I love Halifax, and I’m happy to be here but before I die, I AM GOING TO MOVE TO IRELAND. I found a masters program in Ireland that I’d love to take so maybe I can get over there that way.Until then, you can be sure one of these stories is going to be set somewhere in Ireland.

Until then, I’m loving life in Halifax and working on my stories. My writing is still motoring along; I thought it would take longer to get my writing done but my roommate wasn’t home so I got to sit down, work on my story without feeling guilty about not socializing with her. It’s going to be great tonight, another quiet night at home without any interruptions that aren’t of my own design. It’s going to be so incredibly exciting to pass the 25,000 mark right on time. I feel like I’m running the 1,000 m relay race and the baton’s being passed to the 3rd athlete. Before I know it, I’ll be running to the finish line! *Happy Dance*


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Final Word Count: 800 words (1 1/2 pages); 1 journal pages

I stumbled a bit yesterday with my work. the day drastically improved but I spent literally allll evening socializing with my roommate discussing our grand redecorating schemes. I’ve rediscovered my passion for Murphy Beds and have put it back on my wish list. Otherwise, I’d love to paint my room in the near future. I’m thinking sage green, a fresh pink and a chocolate brown accent wall. But I digress.

Last night as I was working on my journal, I felt it was important today to talk a bit about adventures.

a few years ago, a friend’s sister rode across Canada on horseback. It took her 6 months. The summer before, my sister did a solo motorcycle trip across the U.S., ending up completing a giant loop- starting in NY state, going down the Eastern seaboard, across the bottom, up through California then cutting across t the interior a bit to the Midwest then back to New York. It took her 6 weeks. Needless to say, I felt extremely left behind these two adventurous souls.

According to dictionary.com:


[ad-ven-cher] Show IPA noun, verb, -tured, -tur·ing.



an exciting or very unusual experience.

participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises: the spirit of adventure.

a bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome.

a commercial or financial speculation of any kind; venture.

Obsolete .


peril; danger; risk.

chance; fortune; luck.
Traditionally, adventures have included action, danger and throwing yourself corporeally into the unknown. I’ve discovered that that’s really not the case. An adventure almost always involves challenges, obstacles and self-discovery of un-tapped strength, determination and perseverance. I desperately wanted to join the elite circle of people who have amazing stories to tell after embarking on an odyssey. I never thought until now that my own would not involve maps and camping gear, rather a computer and my imagination.
Thinking about a road trip, I wanted to make mine spectacular. I got as far as buying a map of North America but would freak out whenever I saw it. I had a feeling it would never happen so I gave up on the dream. The 12 novels in 12 months is much more my speed. I love the idea of challenging myself to write as much as possible without censoring my thoughts, words or decisions (well, regarding plot.). The idea of exploring a new genre with a new cast of characters each month is exhilarating. This is so much better than any trip I could physically take. I will never be limited by time, money, ability or sheer logic. The only thing holding me back will be my creative limits. Not even social and ethical boundaries are taboo. If I get pissed off at a character, I can kill him/her off. It’s so incredibly liberating to have the freedom to allow myself to explore any aventure that piques my interest.
This is the perfect blend of some of my passions: writing and research. I really feel no inclination to embark on an epic journey when the world is at my fingertips. If I come across an intriguing place I’ll earmark it for the future.
It’s wonderful to discover that an adventure can be anything at all. Everyone should have major one (or more if you’re lucky!) at some point in their life.

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Final Word Count: July 13, 2011- 2,017 (4 pages); 1 journal page

What’s going on this week? I’ve been irritated and cantankerous to varying degrees so far and certainly not as easy going as I usually am. I hate feeling this way and I’m blaming the heat. It’s certainly not been as hot here in Halifax as in most other places but it’s more than hot enough for me. I can’t wait for the fall. Give me cold and damp over hot and humid any day (until it’s been days of the same then I’ll want the heat but still not the humidity- ARGH).

I’ve finally gotten back into my preferred word count range and that makes me happy. Perhaps my slacking off has made me disgruntled right now and getting back into my groove will improve my mood. I’ve also been neglecting Yesterday’s walkies. She loves sunbathing with my roommate in the backyard but there’s something so sublime about going out for a walk with her. I never used to like walking dogs but with her it’s one of my favourite things to do. In the summer if I see an ice cream truck we’ll stop and share an ice cream (yes, I’m one of those people). It’s so wonderful to get out and watch her enjoy reading her newspapers and making new friends.

Over the past year or so I’ve really become aware of life and my interaction with the cosmos. Right now I’m really fighting unexpected change of plans, surprises and other peoples’ quirks. It makes it very easy to want to hibernate. Perhaps I need to get back to yoga for some re-balancing. At least I know the end of the week holds 2 days of dancing so I’m looking forward to some good old fashioned stress relief in the form of socializing.

It’s easy to get caught up in how you wanted your week to be but everything really does happen for a reason and it’s amazing how if you go with it, things some how manage to fit. It’s tough to remember. As long as I get my writing in, I things will be good. I have a feeling I need to get to bed earlier than I have been so far. It’s amazing what a good nights sleep will do for you.

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Final Word Count: July 11, 2011- 1,110 words (2 pages); 1 journal page

The weather is finally cooperating with my sensitive artistic spirit. I’ve never been a sunshine-loving person; I really am Irish at heart. Give me a cool, overcast or drizzly/rainy/thunderstorming day any time over 20+ Celcius degree weather with blinding sun. Halifax suits me to a T. With the overcast skies and being able to listen to the cars zipping along the wet road,I feel inspired and focused now. I’d love to curl up at a comfy desk with a pot of tea and let my imagination go.

I’m working on the ergonomics at work and settling myself in my new office but I can tell you right now that even with things still coming together, if it weren’t for Yesterday, I’d never want to go home. Having the dog waiting for me is a pretty strong pull to return home each day.

I’ve been trying to be better behaved and more disciplined with my writing and the day before today was not too shabby. I managed to get more done than the past couple days and I even was able to get a start this morning before being lulled away by the Procrastination Station. I think things are on the upswing right now; hopefully this trend will continue.

Happy Tuesday!

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Woops. Bad, San!

Slacker San has struck again. I managed to get some work done yesterday but I needed to get my little shopping excursion completed so I could get those items off my mind. It’s a nightmare getting to the Hydrostone from home so the trip really ate into my day. By the time I got home I just had time to grab a bite to eat, a shower, a quick nap before heading out to the Jazz Festival.

For my obvious lack of commitment to this project right now, the day was completely and utterly worth it. If you ever have a chance, you HAVE to go see the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. The show is spectacular, the music is wonderful and as “Young Love” puts it: if you have the chance, you must dance, dance, dance. My friend and I got to dance to the band so we were up front and centre for the entire set. It was amazing. I got my CD signed afterwards and got to talk with the band members (absolute sweethearts by the way!).

I had high hopes for this weekend but it was not meant to be. I don’t know if I should re-adjust my schedule for writing or whether it’s just a blip. I’ll just start working again this week. At first the fresh word count each day was incredibly intimidating but once I gloriously bombed my word count trend so I no longer have the fear of not keeping to my 6-page limit.

I hate not taking this month’s story so uninspiring and I’m not really taking things seriously. It’s kind of scary actually, that my little memoir isn’t keeping my attention like it probably should considering it’s MY LIFE. *Le Sigh* I’m going to persevere though. Thank goodness I have a new adventure waiting for me next month but for now, I must live in the present and enjoy the piece I’ve chosen to work on this month.

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What a Day!

Final Word Count: July 8, 2011- 372 (1/2 page); 1 journal page

Yes, you read correctly. Yours truly SERIOUSLY slacked off on her writing duties yesterday. I have no explanation or argument for this delinquent behaviour. I almost forgot to write in my journal!It doesn’t look too promising for today either- I had a full day at work and with dance classes tonight, there goes my Saturday. It’s unfortunate that the weather was prime for a day of writing too. C’est la vie, ma chere.

The writing is at least coming along a little better now. There seems to be more to work with or it’s more engaging. Whatever the cause, I’m grateful.It’s like a puff of fresh air when I open my laptop and settle in to write. The words come faster and freer now and there’s natural thought progression in my work.

I’m still watching “The Mummy” but not as much now. I’m trying to find something else to use as alternate background noise. I’ve really been working well to “Murder, She Wrote.” Maybe there’s a bit of support and encouragement one writer to another (however pretend it may be). That might sound crazy but if I didn’t live on the fanciful side I certainly wouldn’t be writing 12 novels in a year.

When I was talking with my Mom last night the subject of traveling came up and I told her I don’t need vacation this year since I get to have 12 different lives. I can spend a month in a different place, have all sorts of different names, and make “people” do exactly what I want. All it will take is a bit of research and a whole lot of imagination. I think that’s a pretty great deal.

We’ll see how things go tomorrow. My fingers are crossed that it will be a pretty productive day but we’ll see since I’m treating myself to a shopping excursion and I’m going to see Preservation Hall Jazz Band tomorrow night at the Jazz Fest. I can’t wait; it’s going to be amazing.

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