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Hello, August!

This is a pre-production post.

This month’s flavour is the Western. I’ve tried watching some movies but I can’t get through them. The only one I managed was “The Quick and the Dead.” All the other ones are boring. And forget about being intrigued by John Wayne! Oddly enough, though, I can’t wait to start my story. Is it odd to really enjoy writing in a specific genre but not be attracted to art based on it? I’m the same way with Pulp Fiction, Sci-Fi and others.

Does this give me an advantage of approaching it with fresh, unbiased eyes, or is it a handicap for me? I can see both arguments and I’m remaining the annoying optimist and believe in the former. There’s a part of me that thinks it might be prudent to do a bit of research. Ah well. I’ll give it my best shot and see what happens. Perhaps I’ve learned all I need to know through osmosis and the bits of the genres I’ve picked up on in the past.

Let’s see how this goes! I was getting pretty nervous about it last night before bed, seeing this brand new story stretching out and with one under my belt, the realization of what I’ve signed up to do hit me square on my forehead. This morning though, I woke up feeling the way I assume a new parent does- excited about the future with this new bud of an idea and full of anticipation in regards to its potential. I’m really looking forward to the crazy ride this story is going to take me on.

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