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Final Word Count: 1,427 (3 pages); 1 journal page

Well, I’ve started the next one and it’s not going too badly! I have no experience with the Western genre so I’m not too sure how descriptive to get or how to structure my story. I tend to focus much more heavily on narration versus dialogue, probably because I stink at accents so I can’t spell phonetically for my characters.

I’ve really been enjoying the Western so far; the story in its entirety is solidifying quite nicely. It’s like a figure slowly appearing through a thick fog. At first it was just the outline but it’s become quite clearer each time I start working on it. It’s really exciting to see this take shape. Who knows what characters will appear and what kind of setting I’ll be working with.

It was a bit of a slow start at the beginning, like I mentioned yesterday,  I stayed in bed partially procrastinating the beginning of my work (actually that continued almost all day) but mostly to start planning the beginning. I don’t think much more is daunting than to sit down at a brand new word document (or piece of paper) and have no idea where to start. As long as I have a plan, regardless of how faint or wobbly, things are good. I can always change direction or even scrap what i started with later on but at least I’m not paralyzed with the indecision of how to start. Some people say that the first sentence is the most important. Are they sadists? Do they enjoy seeing writers like me trip over their feet as they stumble to find The Perfect opener? Or maybe they like the easy prey of those who just freeze up and succumb to writer’s block. It’s a cruel, cruel world for us delicate little flowers.

This month’s story is dedicated to my darling sister (I told her whether or not she likes Westerns, she’s getting one!) and the beginning is our inside joke. Of course my main character’s strength and gumption is a homage to her spirit. I’m sure our parents are also quite relieved that that’s all considering my character, Eleanor is a madam. I’m sure my parents prefer having a veterinarian in the family. Free animal advice for life! (Lucky them!)

Well, hopefully the trend of one day continues and I can keep things going with my story. At least this month I’m a legitimate participant of Camp NANoWriMo. I made the 50,000 words once, I can do it again! And again… And again… And…

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