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Final Word Count: 1,227 (3 pages); 1 journal entry

I’m like a little fish in the sea, I’m floundering. I had a sneaking suspicion that the months where I’m working in a genre that I have limited experience with will be tough but I thought that having a plot would be enough. I don’t think it is. Pffffffffft.

My internal editor keeps thumping The Gong of Rebuke. Each time I start working on the story the clamouring starts and I if I can’t hear myself think then I’m doubting myself and the route I’ve sent my characters on. Let’s just say I’m a little frustimigated here. Apparently we had 5 separate thunderstorm systems toddle through The Halifax area last night and this morning/afternoon. With all this ideal weather, I have very little to show for it *tiny tears shooting out from my sad little eyeballs*.

*Le Sigh*

Well, I cleaned my room (unfortunately Yesterday is a LAZY Furry Little Bum cheeks) today so perhaps having a fresh, tidy space will encourage some words to magically appear. Considering I didn’t even really want to write this post, I think I’ve done pretty well. Ahhh well. Tomorrow’s a new day. Perhaps I should take myself to yoga tomorrow. I think I’m getting a little stagnant so a bit of exercise will be just what the doctor ordered.

Sounds good to me, captain!

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