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Safari to Staples

Final Word Count: I forget; 1 journal page

I’m falling back into my old routine and I don’t like it. I didn’t go into work today (I didn’t need to) so I cleaned the apartment and took Yesterday out for a walkies then watched “Murder, She Wrote.” When I decided enough was enough, I took myself down to Staples (the office supply store) and picked up some unnecessary necessities. It made me feel productive the way reading a fitness magazine makes me feel healthy. It’s a dangerously easy cop-out on actually getting things accomplished.

I also put in the order to get my memoir/autobiography printed and bound today! With all the rewards possible, seeing what I’ve accomplished in print will be the most satisfying and hopefully the encouragement I need to get serious about this month.

So now I’m at a coffee shop downtown for my daily update and perhaps to get some writing done. I had hoped to get around 5,000 words done today and tomorrow. While today is still possible, it’s ┬ádaunting task.

Wish me luck!

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