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Final Word Count: August 6, 2011- 2,931; 1 journal page

I love Staples. Or any office supply store. You would have thought I was deciding what would solve world hunger faster the way I was deliberating between cork boards and white boards (I went with the white board- I couldn’t, in good conscience, have thumbtacks unaccounted for in my room. I trust Yesterday but still… accidents happen.). I love my new board!

I wrote up a schedule for today which I blatantly disregarded by sleeping in past breakfast, my first hour scheduled for writing AND Yesterday’s morning walkies! I don’t think schedules like that are really my thing. I’ve come to the conclusion that I should just finish season 7 of “Murder, She Wrote” so I can take it back and focus on my story. Another lesson learned: distractions come in many forms and I still do not have enough will power to keep their involvement in my life in check. I care too much about this to let anything sabotage my chances.

I picked up my memoir/autobiography from Staples today (I had the entire thing printed and spiral bound) and it feels odd. I kind of feel like I’ve written a course manual for a Psychology class (perhaps a Young Adult Developmental Psychology class), not a legitimate story. Well, whatever. Pffffft. I’m looking forward to the editing and re-write in a year. Into the closet it goes!

I’m still stuck on the prologue (which has turned into a chapter or two or three…) so I think this story wants to be told in a linear fashion, not through a series of flashbacks. Considering the time constraint, linear might be better. It’ll certainly be much more straight forward. I’m determined to get this back story done today and get started on her flight from Mississippi to Nevada.

*Le Sigh* We’ll see how THAT goes…

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