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The Enforcer

Final Word Count: August 7, 2011- 3,842 (9 pages); 1 journal page

Pascale's First Appearance

I had an unfortunate run in with my enforcer, Pascale. He may not look like much but he can be quite a task master. I was afraid he’s show his little cantankerous face but to be honest, I’m surprised he hasn’t shown up sooner.

It’s surprising what can be accomplished when threats are dangled over your head. He watched me from his corner, prominently displayed whenever I looked up. There’s nothing that is scarier than angry eyebrows and menacing hand positions.

I did my best to appease the angry cretin but sadly I fell short of his requirement. I’m relieved to be able to tell you that I have managed to escape unscathed but he wasn’t too happy about it.

The numbers were a devious moment of procrastination that seemed necessary to determine how much I needed to write to catch up on my word count since the fist week was not the greatest start to the month. Surprisingly, after starting the weekend in around the 3 or 4 thousand range, once I decided I had to get out of the painfully slow beginning I made pretty awesome headway.

At the end of the night though, we were all too tired to continue the battle of the wills. Poor Yesterday was exhausted by the wild bouts of crazed typing The Enforcer made me do.

Yesterday Looks How I Feel at 2:30 am

Pascale may be devious but in the end I can always call upon my secret weapon- The Eraser. Until that moment comes, I’ll let him boss me around because he’s obviously giving me the kick in the pants I currently need.

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