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Appeasing the Monster

Final Word Count: August 8, 2011- 2,034 (lots of pages); 1 journal page

The Start of the Night

It was a wooly start to the night. Distracted by all sorts of movies and T.V. shows to re-watch, research that must be done and all sorts of other projects that all of a sudden seem vital I complete NOW, things started off pretty slowly.

Well, I struggled in parts and gave up trying to make time lines work so I just bulldozed my way through everything and made up whatever I needed to to move on with my story. All was not lost though. I managed to flush out the story line a bit more so hopefully I won’t have an issue as get further into it with figuring out in which direction to send Eleanor.

It’s getting a little overwhelming though. I have a feeling it’s going to become a scrabbly, rushed-at-the-end piece. But I’m sure this is going to be the norm. How is it that an idea may seem so straight forward and I simple turn into this complex, convoluted mish-mash of actions, reactions and surprises? I will never complain again when my favourite author takes so long putting out his/her next book.

I managed to appease the monster and fulfill his demands. Granted, it was another 2 am bedtime but sleep is so much more rewarding when you’ve accomplished a significant chunk of work.

You Can't be Mad at Me, You Toadstool

So I managed to get everything done as promised but then he decided to up the ante, the little evil worm. Granted, I am behind on my word count so I do need to play catch up. Still, my fingers are start to itch for that eraser.

At the end of the day though, I’m getting the story done and have slogged through the tough parts. It’s far from clear sailing but now that Eleanor’s heading out west on horseback, it’s starting to feel a little more western-y. I think my problem might be a combination of too much narration and not enough dialogue and too much description and not enough action. I’ll try to fix that.

But for now, I’m left with this lovely message:

What?! You've Got to be Kidding Me! *Le Sigh*

I admit, I do feel a little crazy using an angry stick figure as motivation to get my work done but he looks so ridiculous and having those demands written where I can read them work for some reason. Whatever works, right? You can’t be artistic and creative without a touch of the crazies.

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