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Pardon me if I give on the word count updates for a bit. I’ve done the math and I’m a despicable 5,298 words behind schedule. I hope I’ll never give up for the month due to falling so far behind but it does cause a mild flutter of panic. I’ll have to break this up into maybe 10 days so in stead of doing 2,000 words a day (which seems to be the most comfortable for me) I’ll end up doing 2,530. That might be a bit of a stretch but I really want to succeed this month. The word count keeps growing but I don’t seem to be able to write enough to counter the daily expectation. I feel like I’m starting to sink a bit but I’ve still got enough oomph to swim across the current to safety. At the end of the month I may not end up where I had hoped but at least I didn’t drown.

A big problem that I wasn’t anticipating is my need to do research. With the most mundane questions (i.e. does my character need to carry her saddle bags full of money with her or can she lock them in her hotel room?) popping up the further I get into this, the more time I waste because of dealing with my lack of knowledge or even worse, looking the answer up online. I am so grateful I still have no internet access because I can guarantee that the moment I get it will be the end of any success at this project. I may finish the year out but I’m pretty sure I’d be more frustrated than before I started.

I’m going to have to start a list of questions and power through things for the time being. That’s what the editing and rewriting’s all about, right? So for now, I have to focus on writing the story rather than getting it picture perfect the first time around. I’ll have to recruit people who prefer certain genres so they can help me out with my weak points, inconsistencies and bits that just  don’t make sense. And if it’s hopeless? Pffft. I loved writing it and I tried my best. That genre just isn’t for me.

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