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As of yet, no writing done. Have no fear though… I feel a fire burning in these little fingers to get my work done today!

Happy Birthday, Yesterday! I thought I might post some pictures of the wee darling to celebrate my ability (sometimes due to sheer luck) to keep her alive for 3 years. Cynical? Perhaps but as any parent will agree, protecting a curious, strong-willed, independent little spirit alive is hard work and terrifying sometimes.

Approximately 45 Minutes After Picking Her Up at the Airport

I got her at 12 weeks and weighing in at only 3.5 lbs. She was lost among the blankets in the cat carrier- I was afraid she wasn’t there!

Resting on Top of Her Toy Box Between Bouts of Naughtiness

She discovered that her toy box was delightfully soft and comfy. Sadly, this only lasted for a bit until she ripped the velcro off the lid. That was a sad day…

Sleeping in Front of the Fire with her Bestest Furiend, Cleo

And that is as big as she’s ever going to get but don’t tell her. She thinks she can rumble with the big ones and is always up for meeting new friends, if there’s an empty lap somewhere, she’ll find it and get her cuddles.

So, with a birthday to celebrate ( I think I may have to make some cupcakes) and a story to continue working on, it’s going to be a busy weekend. I’m really looking forward to fulfilling my quota tonight so I can continue writing my CYOA. I dissected the book last night (without having to rip it apart) and think I’ve figured out the structure (I felt pretty smart). I have a phone date with a friend tonight to hash it out with her (because EVERYTHING sounds reasonable, logical and right at 1 am when you’re tired).

They story is coming along well, I’ve solved a problem I didn’t even know I was facing and my main character, Eleanor, is starting to make decisions that I’m not anticipating or expecting. I’m following my gut and when something feels right I do it, no questions asked. For example, Eleanor met someone in the first town she stopped in and it was bothering me that this character didn’t have a name. So now she does. Not only is she developing into another prominent figure in the story, she has a history that I’m not exactly sure what it is yet. I have an inkling, but I don’t think that’s all of the story for her. This process is really exciting. I’m really starting to prefer writing to reading (and when I’ve signed on to write as much as I have that’s a very good thing). Who knows what’s going to happen next!



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