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Final Word Count: August 16, 2011- 1,483 (3 pages); journal has not been resumed.

First off, I’d like to congratulate my parents on making it to their 36th wedding anniversary. For 2 youngsters to ¬†get married and keep the marriage going, that’s impressive. My sister and I are lucky.

Now onto the literary news…

I need to get a map of the old south and southwest so I can figure out their route (my characters’ not my parents- they aren’t THAT old but I’m sure my sister and I make them feel that way sometimes…). As I mentioned in a reply post to the-day-before-today’s entry, I’m kind of stuck with the traveling bit because I don’t know what towns I can use as stopping points between New Orleans and The Nevada Territory of 1849. It’s hard keeping things true to history and geography. I’m not quite sure I like all this research when I’ve only got a month to do my writing. Hopefully I can squeak by with minimal research for the rest of my stories. At least I’m better prepared for the mystery now.

I finally found a detailed map from that time period (I love the internet!) but it’s too detailed to use as my desktop for reference! *Crying tiny tears of frustration* I was looking for detailed and I got it- so detailed that I’ve completely underestimated the amount of growth and expansion that was already happening in 1849 through out Eastern Texas. Whatever. At this point, I just want to get Eleanor¬†and Sarah out to the area presently known as Nevada. If they have to catch a ride with a dragon taxi so be it. Isn’t this what a re-write if for?

So for the rest of the month it’s going to be a mad dash each night, getting into the groove (hopefully quickly) and spinning this story as quickly as I can type (which isn’t very fast…). Now that I have a game plan, as tattered as it may be, let the games begin!

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