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Final Word Count: August 17, 2011- 1,000; still no journal entry. This is very bad.

I think I’ve discovered a big part of the hang up this month. Movies, new, as-of-yet-unread books and a genre that requires being precise. *Le Sigh*

I’m one of those people who was just successful enough at b.s.ing my way through things that I try it when I can. The Western is a prime example. Without the research done before hand to know exactly what life would have been like and what was realistic for them to encounter, I’m flying blind. So I whip out my b.s. cape and proceed.

A good b.s.er knows enough about the topic they’re dealing with to make something that isn’t true or most definitely on the outer rim of  sound plausible. It’s all bout authority and confidence. When it really matters, I do my research (I’m not negligent or a liar) but when it comes to situations that have a bit of creative space I feel no compunction about colouring in the grey areas.

I just don’t think Westerns are my thing. I like horses but prefer to see them on t.v., running across a plain wild and free versus looking at me face to face and I don’t think I’ve ever held a real gun let alone use one. And gunslingers, aka, bad guys? They make me cry. I always thought I’d be one of the beautiful ladies with a parasol wandering along the sidewalks of a mining town. In reality though, I think I would have been a frazzled mother of 5 (the 6th on its way) begging the kids to leave the chickens alone on our 20 acre farm in the middle of Nowhere, Kansas. Perhaps I should have watched a season of Deadwood before starting.

I do really enjoy working on the story and trying a genre so far out of my comfort zone but I highly doubt this will be a style I’ll return to in the future. I’d like to just finish this one by the end of the month and move on. It’s been an interesting ride.

I now have to get super serious about this story. No more movie rentals (from the “liberry” or otherwise) and all the books I rented (ok, I can keep 2) have to go back as well. Since that night last week when I started the CYOA, that bristol board as stayed tucked behind the table in my room and out of sight. I’ve turned down a few things this week because I don’t want to sabotage my chances of succeeding. Too bad there’s no off switch for procrastination. Hopefuly next month will be a bit r.

What is on the docket for September you ask? Why it’s time for pulp fiction! that’s right- femme fatales and gumshoes and baddies galore. Probably even a Chicago Typewriter or two!

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