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13 Days Left

Final Word Count: 2,626 (7 pages); 1 journal page

Wow, what a relief for things to get back to normal! I didn’t realize it had been a week since my last journal entry but it had. I reviewed the game plan and discovered I need to accomplish 2,100 words a day to meet the 50,000 mark. That’s right, yours truly isn’t evenĀ at the 25,000 word level yet! When I look at it that way my heart starts racing and panic sets in. So from now on it’s a day-by-day adventure.

I know I’ll be able to make it; thank God I’m not a social butterfly. I’ve also revised my plan somewhat with the story line. Perhaps they won’t make it to the Territories but instead end up on the western side of Texas, just past the most populated pockets. There’s now a man following my lady characters and steamboats. Will they take a jaunt on a steamboat, is one a ferry that will take them across the river or will they just spend the night in Austin and head out the next day? It’s so exciting! I have no idea what’s going to happen.

I’m hoping that it’s getting more exciting for me now to write so it won’t take as long to get into the story. I’m sitting here writing this and i feel a flurry of excitement in my chest over getting home tonight and working some more on the story. I love curling up on the couch with Yesterday and discovering what happens and how the story will unfold. I may have an idea of what’s going to happen but chances are something else will develop and my ideas are defenestrated. I’m glad they are because the alternatives turn out so much better than I could have imagined.

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