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Final Word Count: August 19, 2011-  nada; no journal entry either

I had done so well the day before yesterday that I think my brain gave me the approval to slack off yesterday. Tsk tsk. I rented 2 movies- “No Strings Attached (loved it!) and Ferris Bueller’s Day off (has anyone┬áseen the thing in its entirety without renting or buying it?)- so my evening got sucked up enjoying pre-fab art. As enjoyable as that is, I always go to bed feeling as though something was missing in my day. It took me a bit to realize that something is the sense of accomplishment. I’ve grown quite addicted to that feeling.

My story is starting to tick along but there is a lot of ground to cover before the en of the month. Maybe that will light the fire under my bum to buckle down and get it written. Enough people have read what I’ve written so far that I feel like I’ll be disappointing them if I don’t have a finished story for them.

I really am excited to see how things develop. My characters are displaying hidden talents all the time. I can’t say life is anything less than suspenseful at the moment.

This is part of a life I’ve always dreamed for myself. I think this is even better than being solely a writer. As seen the week before last, not having anything else going on in my life would be awful. I need a full, well-rounded schedule in order for me to produce the kind of work I want and expect of myself.

With Yesterday crying beside me at the coffee shop, perhaps it’s time to get back home and back to work. The little muffin needs some play time in the backyard. (And I’m sure the owner would prefer the marigolds in the coffee shop’s flower box retain their flowers unshredded.)

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