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final Word Count: August 20, 2011- 4,000 (9 pages); 1 journal page

It was a long day. It took me pretty much the entire day- 12+ hours- to get my 4,000 words done but I stuck it out and it felt wonderful! I have no idea how I’m going to finish this story, I’m at 27,000 words and the main problem hasn’t even been been set into motion! I can completely understand how authors can end up with 800 page books. I think it’s pretty easy if you have a vivid imagination. Those details can really suck you in!

I’m hanging out at an awesome little neighbourhood cafe to fulfill my post requirement for the day and let Yesterday get some sunshine. I decided to splurge and get a sandwich so I was enjoying it when a piece of chicken went down the wrong way. I was choking. Not the kind that a little cough will get things back in order but the tear-producing death rasp. There were 4 people outside two totally within earshot but no one came over. I was not impressed. Maybe it’s my First Aid training or just that I care about people but if I saw someone in distress, I’d at least go over to them so they know someone is there to help if need be. Luckily I saved myself but it was a close call. And people wonder why I need to have meat swim in sauce or gravy… Ah well. Nothing like a little excitement to make sure the old heart is working properly.

Come to think of it, it hasn’t been an overly stellar day but that will all change. I’m pushing through the story, and I feel like action’s just around the corner. Maybe I’ll break things into parts so I can skip giant amounts of time and avoid the issue of explaining how she ends up where she ends up (the main point of the story has been explained right in the beginning so any other explanation is really superfluous). I may just make it after all! I still have over a week. An amazing amount can be accomplished in that time.


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