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Off Kilter

Final Word Count: August 21, 2011- 446 (1 page); no journal entry

This weekend’s throw me off kilter and I don’t like it. This entire weekend’s been full of crazy business. I’m not sure how this writing project is going to work out. I’m not having doubts about it and I certainly don’t have regrets about starting it but I’m not exactly sure why I took this on and what made me think this was a good idea.

I hoped to be honest in my blog and keep things true to my feelings at the moment so I’m laying my self-doubt and hesitancy out there. I’ve read other bloggers say they try to keep their pages upbeat and don’t like putting less than happy posts up and I agree. I try really hard to keep things optimistic but it’s just not happening today.

Maybe the weekend was more of a roller coaster than I expected- I do feel like my emotional batteries are running low. Could it be a severe decrease in daily walkies? Perhaps. I know a big part has been my sporadic writing schedule and the difficulties I’ve encountered with this story. I really want to finish it and am curious to see how it develops but I’m really dragging my feet. I miss those 1,500+ word count days but I also realize that I won’t succeed at every genre. I certainly can’t force it to happen.

I don’t feel like incentives will work and Pascale has turned into a dud regarding motivation techniques. I think the biggest concern right now is what if this trend continues? Will I be able to complete another manuscript? I know there’s no point in wondering what the future holds; it’s not going to be as wonderful as it could be or even as complete as I hoped it would be if these thoughts keep consuming my time and brain power.

I’ve really written myself into a corner. This isn’t writer’s block per se but rather I ended up with a situation out of  which I’m not exactly sure how to  extricate my character. And the new character I’ve introduced? I’m still not too sure what his purpose is. ARGH. Is it just me or is it super hard to keep track of your characters when they decide to go squirrely? It’s like chasing after delinquent tweens- they have no idea where they’re going and they’re clueless about what’s happening.

This is going to be a crazy last few days of the month. I’m sticking with the story and seeing what happens. I have to at least finish sketching it out since it will drive me crazy if it’s unfinished. *Le Sigh* Now no more procrastination!


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