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Final Word Count: August 24, 2011- Peanuts.; 1 journal page

The month is winding down. I’m starting to feel like an ER doctor (sadly not one of the beautiful ones that snagged George Clooney), more like a sleep-deprived, first year resident with no clue what’s going on. It’s all about damage control now. My stitches are going to be sloppy, the materials used for stabilizing this dying “patient” are adequate at best and I’ll be lucky if it makes it through the next week. It needs a creativity infusion and soon! It’s getting pretty weak…

I feel as a writer that I can’t leave a story behind unfinished. I took on this project and I can’t quit. I’d never contemplate quitting altogether but it’s easy to succumb to defeat when failure is staring back at you. Is there a Hippocratic Oath out there somewhere for us because I feel like there should be.

The Western right now sits at a glorious 66 pages and 29,615 words. I hate to admit it but I think I’ve lost interest in this one. Is that bad? It started off so promising but it’s really fizzled out. I started out with this grand plan of ending up with a thick pile of manuscripts- 12 complete books full of promise and sparkle. I think I really knew though, in my heart of hearts that this project was really just to purge the 4 ideas that were floating around in my mind. The rest were just to keep the year interesting and challenging. Still, nothing would appease my inner overachiever than to have finished a complete novel each month.

I’m not giving up yet but I will admit it’s hard to continue when I’ve accepted that I just don’t feel the inspiration to finish this one. Perhaps the pulp fiction/Dick Tracy-esque story next month will revive my imagination. Cowboys just don’t do it for me. I have a feeling handsome gumshoes do though.

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