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Final Word Count: August 25, 2011- nothing; no journal entry

Ok. This is getting ridiculous. And painful. As promised, I won’t give up this month, but at the same time, I’m obviously not trying too hard which leads me to this post. Does anyone know any other movies/t.v. shows that involve writers and/or books (magazines are okay too)? So far I have:

“Murder, She Wrote”


“Sex and the City”

“You’ve Got Mail”

“Finding Never Land”

“Finding Forrester”

Oh yes. And all the comic book based movies.

I can’t really think of any other movies that involve/feature writers, writing or anything literary. I’ll even take movies that are based on books (although they’re almost always lacking when compared to their literary companion such as “The Help.”). Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations?

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