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Final Word Count: August 26, 2011- 1,453 (a few pages); no journal entry

I’m stymied. I got myself out of the corner I had written myself into but now I have no idea how the problem’s going to shape up or what’s going to happen. I have to admit, it’s not feeling very western-y, I’m not quite sure what it feels like right now.

My main character, Eleanor is driving me bonkers. The story’s twisting in ways I never allowed it to in my future plans and I have no idea where to direct things or what to write about. It’s kind of just coasting now with minimal progression and development. When  I started this, I was so excited for cowboys, gunfights, the lawless west and perhaps a kidnapping or two.

What do i end up with? One measly gunfight right in the beginning, some weak descriptions of old western towns, minimal reference to the desert and a gambling riverboat. It’s awful. I’m not a big fan of myself right now. I can guarantee you that if I didn’t writer this, I wouldn’t touch it with a  10-foot pole. And I certainly don’t want to edit it next year. *Shiver*

Just a few more days. I can hang in there.

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