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Final Word Count: August 27, 2011- nada; no journal entry either

So I have officially given up trying to plot this story and make it the western I envisioned it would be. Instead, I’ve come to a truce with it- let me “finish” it (as in please help me get as close to 50,000 words as humanly possible) and  I’ll let it turn into anything it wants to be. Romance? fine. Horror? ok. Erotica? Bring it on (it has been lacking action…)?

Obviously my inexperience with this genre is shining through. I have no clue what is happening or how it’s going to end up but I’m looking forward to finishing this troublemaker. I think I can understand how teachers with difficult students feel by the end of the school year. You just start praying for the strength to make it through and  look forward to the day that you will never cross paths with the little beastie again. Perhaps not; perhaps that’s just how I’m feeling at the moment. I know I’m counting down the days.

I had no idea what is going to happen with my story but guess what! There’s a kidnapping, a rescue attempt and a girl gang! And don’t forget about revenge, vendettas and desperadoes. I think there’s still potential for some wild west action!



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