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The Showdown Begins

Final Word Count: August 30, 2011- 5,406 (10 pages); 1 journal page

I’m currently sitting at 48,040 words and 103 pages. For someone who 4 days ago was 10,00 some-odd words behind, I have to admit, I’m impressed with myself. I’m kind of stuck now though with my work, I’m just not sure how the action sequence is going to go. Plus, I’m a little sad that the story has come to an end. I’ve struggled and fought it, let it steam roll me and pummel me until I was a mass of disgustingly malleable jelly and now it’s over (well it will be in 1, 960 words).

I’ll save the dissection of this month’s challenge for my victory post that will hopefully be written later this afternoon. We’ll see how this last bit goes. Is this generally the most difficult bit?

I was heading home from work yesterday and suddenly had this thought: am I being selfish with this project? I didn’t ask my roommate, coworkers, friends or family for their permission (not that I needed it or even should have) but to subject everyone to my writer’s anguish, frustration and manic euphoria? that’s a very cruel punishment, my friends. In fact, tonight, my roommate is being treated to dinner as a thank you for her patience. If I were her, I’d be slipping her numbers to therapists, psychiatrists and anyone else I could find for some drugs. I’ll admit, I was pretty psychotic some days. It wasn’t pretty.

It was tough on me but I really feel sorry for everyone I’ve dragged along for the ride. They’ve all been such wonderful troopers so far but realistically, how much can they take? I have to find an outlet that I can use for my frustration so that they’re spared the rantings of a lunatic.

As I dive into the melee of the climax of this story, wish me luck! I look forward to a victory post within the next few hours. But for now, Yesterday deserves a walkies.


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