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That’s right! It’s time for the pulp fiction selection to commence! I’m really super excited about it; my body is actually buzzing and zinging with anticipation! I absolutely adore this ear (1940’s) and have seriously romanticized the gangster/gumshoe lifestyle. I always wanted to be Madonna in the “Dick Tracy” or any of the girls in “Oscar.” Does it mean anything then, that I can’t get through a book by Dashiell Hammett? I’m going to pretend no.

As I realized last month, I feel this wild impulse to write for myself. My friends and family can read the works since they helped me struggle through the writing process in various ways, but it doesn’t matter how good they are. I’m not writing to publish. Of course, I’d by lying if I said I hadn’t dreamt of instant stardom and book tours and selling every one of the novels. I’m trying to be realistic here though. I really am getting the most enjoyment out of this project when I stop thinking about the future and just lose myself in the present.

As I rub my hands together in glee, it’s hard to keep my excitement reigned in. It’s going to be a fun month!

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Victory Post

The Western: Final word count- 51,127; 109 pages

I did it! Somehow I pulled things together in the 11th hour and got the story done. It’s astounding to me that at the beginning of the month all I had was a genre and my main character’s name a a very rough idea of the plot. Out of a lot of nothing I managed to produce a story with a surprising number of characters and a bumpy, lopsided story arc. I think I may have even left the end open to possibilities of a sequel. I never knew how authors did it- writing sequels I mean- but I totally get it now.

I was working on the end, taking my time because after writing roughly 5,000 words a day over 3 days, 1000 some odd no longer seems too daunting. Well, I was working on the one section and ended up adding a character. I finished his declaration, sat back and asked myself out loud “Do you really just do that?” Apparently I did. And this was within the last 100 words!

When all you want is to finish the novel, the last thing you want are two massive unexpected plot twists. At that point, I had my word count and page quota but I knew I would have a mutiny on my hands if I get it to people to read and they slogged through the slow bits, fumbled through the typos, awkward descriptions and uneven pace only to get to the end and discover there’s no closure! I know I’d raise holy hell. So I finished it up as best I could without making it seem rushed. Perhaps it was a bit right at the end but at least I think I tied up all the loose ends. If I didn’t, it was an honest oversight on my part. I apologize.

Today I start the pulp fiction piece. I have my 3 main characters’ names but I have to think for a bit about the conflict/problem. Then it’s off to the races! I’m really, really excited for it. I’m taking the lessons I’ve learned from August:

1. don’t fall behind right at the start- it’s a recipe for disaster

2. don’t worry about how accurate a representative it is for the genre. Just let it happen organically. Somehow it will turn out.

I’m sure September will have it’s peccadilloes but for now I’m basking in the amazing sense of accomplishment.

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Two for Two

Final Word Count: Still working on that

I did it- I got to the 50,000 word mark and it’s sitting at 106 pages. Unfortunately though there were two ginormous plot twist that I never expected kicked me in the pants. I was seriously within the last 100 words when I wrote something, sat back after I finished the declaration my character made and said “Did I just do that?” Apparently I did.

So it’s back to the keyboard tonight to scramble together a finish for my deadline. I’ll make it, but it’s going to be very tight. Essentially, for all intents and purposes though, I’ve succeed. Yay me!

Considering the work I have left to do, I have to postpone my victory post for tomorrow. Tonight it’s right back to the story and get this finished for real.


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