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Slow-Start September

Final Word Count: September 2-4, 2011: nothing; no journal entry

My company just left this morning to return to real life. Vacations are wonderful and they’re really necessary; they’re a respite from ordinary life. But what if your ordinary life is extraordinary enough to not need anything more?

My friend and I had a ton of fun over the weekend and I’ve discovered what I want to learn. I’m not a motorcycler, I run away from standard cars, I’d never be able to land a plane and trains just aren’t practical. That leaves the water.

That’s right. I’m going to learn how to sail. I was on a sailboat for the first time on Saturday and absolutely fell in love with it. I loved everything about it. My family may be into motorcycles but that’s just not me. I digress but I guess the point of this is that it’s wonderful and important to have something to look forward to but it’s even more important to not live in the future. I have so much to accomplish and look forward to this year that I don’t want to rush this. It’ too momentous and too important to take for granted or to brush off for the next adventure.

I learned my lesson from August about falling behind right away at the beginning of the month but it really couldn’t be helped. As much as I wished I could do my writing, I focused on my guest. Trust me, I was going to withdrawal- I was cranky, agitated and not the perfect hostess as the weekend wore on- but I tried to snap out of it. In the grand scheme of things, friends and family are so much more important than this.  I have all September to catch up, but who knows when I’ll see her again.

I’m really looking forward to getting this story established. I wish it would start raining and be grey and overcast most of the month. I could use the grimy, wet atmosphere to pull me into this genre. My character will be nowhere near Sam Spade though. No matter how hard I try, there will always be something lacking in my stories. Hopefully I can fix that next year.

This one is going to be a struggle again. I love the uncertainty of not knowing whether I’ll make my deadline and I thrive on the hard work it forces me to do. There’s nothing more gratifying than typing “The End” when the piece is truly finished. i hope that the ending is as flushed out as I can possibly make it. I don’t want to slack off and finish on a weak note. I wrote too much to slack off and take the easy way out!

I am really looking forward to seeing what my main character and his Girl Friday end up doing and what the problem is. I don’t know yet!

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