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Final Word Count: September 7, 2011- 1,468 (a few pages); 1 journal page

Okay, so I’m way behind my word count at this point but I’m not even in the double digits of the month yet. I’m not worried. I was at work after writing yesterday’s post and I knew how things are going to develop. It may not turn out exactly as I plan but it’s nice to have a jumping off point and some form of direction. Goodness knows, The Western┬ádidn’t turn out the way I expected but at least I had something to work towards. It’s reassuring to have a vision for the novel no matter how rough or hazy it is. This is like a pint-sized version of life- you may have plans and ideas for how things should happen but sometimes, well, good luck getting there.

I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen or who I’m going to meet next but I have a very good feeling about this route and the trouble in which Frank is going to find himself embroiled. The hardest part is not telling my friends and family about the developments. I want them to be surprised when they read it. With all the typos, lags in action and story progression, they should at least be awarded the satisfaction of not knowing what’s going to happen next (unless it’s obvious and they can guess, which I hope isn’t the case).

I’d love to do another 5,000+ word stretch this week/weekend to catch up. Then the rest of the month can be a little more relaxed than August.

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