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Normally I have an idea of what my post will contain but today I know there’s something that is wanting to be expressed and written but I’m not quite sure what. I very rarely write the post before the title but today’s one of those rare exceptions.

I’m really excited about the potential October holds for me. I’m not sure where any of this will lead but I can’t wait to get back into the writing and creating. It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve been enmeshed in a story and felt the thrill of the creative process carrying me off on it’s whirlwind adventure.

Have I started the outline for the horror story? Nope. Should I? Probably. Am I procrastinating? You betcha. It’s what I do best if you haven’t figured that out already. I really don’t know what’s going to be involved but since I’ve always had a penchant for haunted houses, secret passages and hidden rooms you know any houses involved are going to have a plethora of secrets. If you’re like me and love houses that are much more than they seem and you’re ever in the San Francisco area, you’ll have to go visit the Winchester Mystery House (a major source of inspiration). Add in some southern ambience… I can’t wait for the shivers of scariness to start! I was serious when I said earlier that I’m looking forward to the nightmares!

Speaking of nightmares, I’ve always wondered two things about horror writers:

1. How can they keep thinking up the scary things they do?

2. Do they get nightmares or start getting freaked out because of all the wild things they imagine?

I have a feeling I could be a horror writer and you can be guaranteed that it would have all sorts of wild settings and crazy characters. It’s amazing how you can not enjoy reading or watching something (i.e. westerns for me) but writing is something completely different. I’m a baby when it comes to slasher flicks but I’m excited to write a story along those lines. I’m the person who tries to look around corners as the camera follows an unsuspecting character and when the inevitable happens, I jump, scream, and scare the bejeesus out of anyone watching the movie with me. Why would I want to write something like that? I don’t quite know but it’ll be fun, that’s for sure.

It’s amazing what you can learn about yourself with a project like this. I really look forward to discovering hidden talents and undiscovered passions. The writer I suspected I am may be completely opposite to the writer I actually am.

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It’s coming to the point this month where I have to start thinking about next month’s project. This is the scariest yet most exciting part of the writing process. It’s more than a little daunting to realize what’s waiting for me as of October 1st but with all the promise of adventures, creative deviations and boundary pushing, how could I not be excited?

I’ve really missed posting each day but since this is for my writing and there hasn’t been any creative accomplishments in so long, there hasn’t been much to say. I’m finding right now that I’m really missing the push to finish. I even miss the crazed seconds that tick by and the 70/30 split between confidence I’ll finish and the doubt that it’ll all come together in the end, respectively.

I went to the annual Word on the Street Fair downtown today and realized just how much I love networking within this world. It felt like a home away from home, all the bibliophiles who get how great books and literature are. There’s an amazing association in Nova Scotia (the Writer’s Federation of Nova Scotia) which has an annual writing competition. Call me crazy but I’m going to enter. I think the western will be perfect for it so I’m recruiting all I can to read and give me feedback as I revise and work on editing it. Oh and did I mention the CBC short Story contest? And of course the novel of the month is horror. So exciting!

Yesterday got accepted to a therapy program today so our plate is quickly filling up. it’s a little scary, I’m not quite sure how much more I can pile on my plate. Life is like a buffet, I’m sure I can come back for seconds when it comes to adventure, I don’t have to attempt everything at once. But, it’s not as much fun.

I thought I’d post a little tidbit since I was out anyways. I’m looking forward to getting back into my writing schedule and back on track.

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