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The Unavoidable is Here

I got side tracked and returned to this post to start it. The title was picked out and waiting for me to explain but I was confused for a minute. Why would I ever be dreading the start of my new novel? I stopped and thought about my inspiration for today’s post and realized it was to do with editing the Western.

I’m warming up to the idea of editing. I know it’s going to be a ton of work since I ignored all the red squigglies Word was throwing at me and not to mention the wrong word that is spelled correctly. I just hope there aren’t any sentences such as “He buttoned up his shit and got ready for the day.” If there are any whoppers, I’ll be sure to post them!

I managed to start the rough outline for the horror over the past few days. I think it’ll be pretty good but I still can’t decide if it’ll be a stalker/killer/psychopath sort of story or more supernatural with ghosts and demons, etc. I suppose I could have both- we’ll have to see how it works out. I’m really hoping that I have enough of an outline right now to finish it by Halloween. I’m not quite sure how much preparation I’m going to need in order to complete each book. I suppose that’s one of the disadvantages to picking a different genre each month- the preparation I needed in the past might not be what I need now. Then again, how are you going to learn about yourself if you don’t try something different?

I may be grumbling about the editing but as I’m writing this I’m starting to feel excited about it and looking forward to experiencing a different aspect of the writing process. Of course I’ve edited short stories and smaller works but this will be challenging in different ways. Is it cohesive? Are there gaps resulting in unexplainable events? Do people/items show up again (i.e. is it reasonable that they make an appearance so early on in the book?)? How about my tone, style, point of view (my Achilles heel) and structure (like chapter breaks)- are they okay or is my story a disaster because something is not right?

Oh, and not only am I editing the story, I also really should go back and edit each blog post 😦 Considering I got my business cards done to help promote this, I probably should make sure each entry is as spotless as possible. *Squiggly face of doom* Ah, shortcuts and “time savers” rarely live up to their names and promises. From now on I have to get better at reading through my posts before hitting the “publish” button.

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