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Final Word Count: October 2, 2011- 1,300 words (4 pages); no journal entry

Yay! I’m back on track! Phew… I thought September would never pass and when it did, I wasn’t sure if I could get back into the wing of things. I don’t have much more on my plate than usual but I feel so much better now that I’m working on a new story. I have to admit though, that with the editing process for the Atlantic Writing Competition, I’m discovering that I really don’t like my writing style. My voice sounds so stilted and awkward. I know, I know, we’re our own worse critics but I really do feel sorry for anyone who reads my stories.

I was at the movie store the night before last looking for a scary movie to help get me in the mood to think scary things. While I was perusing the selection, I started thinking about the story and suddenly the pieces fell into place. It’s a wild feeling- it’s almost a physical feeling of pieces clunking into place as though they were 3-D puzzle pieces. My former dilemma of whether it’s going to be a spook-fest or slasher extravaganza? Why it’ll be both, naturally.

I outlined the plot to my Mom and at the end I think she was kind of stunned for a minute. The first thing she said? “That’s pretty complicated, Sandra.” And here I was, thinking it’s got everything I love about the horror genre- a veritable smorgasboard of scary delights. Well, you won’t be able to complain about a story that drags on this month!

I’m going to have a lot of research to do this month- setting (New Orleans- what good timing since I’ll be there this month!), Voodoo, the Civil War and probably a few other things that I haven’t even dreamed up yet. I really should’ve spent last month researching but I didn’t so oh well.

Mom’s currently ripping my Western apart and offered to help me with my research for this month. I suppose that’s cheating. I’m not above a little bit of taking creative license with the guidelines and rules I outlined for myself.

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