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Final Word Count: October 3, 2011- 632 (1 1/2 pages); no journal entry

I’m back in the game but after a lazy month in September, I need to get back into a disciplined routine. I think this is going to be a lot like dieting for me- the first attempt was easy because I wasn’t fully aware of what it entailed but when I fall out of the practice for whatever reason, each attempt to get back into the healthy/productive routine is a little harder or a little more daunting.

That being said, I’m really happy to get back into my writing. Oh, how I’ve missed it! I kind of wish I didn’t have to edit the Western right now because it seems to be affecting my writing process this month. It’s really hard to turn my internal editor on for one project and turn it off for another. This could be very tricky especially since I have no idea what I’m doing (writing AND editing wise). I’m going to do my best but I apologize in advance for whining about my juggling routine this month.

The beginning is starting off pretty slowly- who cares about all the tiny details at this point? I essentially have 2 stories mashed into one so there’s more than enough to keep me busy and to fill out my word count this month. I think I have to get things moving and pad the story if need be at the end of the month. (Pffft who am I kidding? It’s going to be another mad scramble at the end of the month to finish this one!)

I can’t waste the rainy, cold, stereotypical Nova Scotia days that we’ve had and are scheduled to have over the next few days so I can’t wait to go home and get started. I feel a wildly creative burst coming on, made even more spectacular since it’s our Thanksgiving this weekend AND I have the flat to myself! Go Me!

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