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Final word Count: October 5, 2011- More than the day before (2 pages perhaps?); FINALLY 1 journal entry!

I never get sick. If I do, it’s usually a burgeoning cold I can short circuit with my super-duper recipe for the “Sickie Drink.” Does it work? Probably a little. I think it’s more a comfort thing though, especially when accompanied by a bed, Yesterday cuddles and warm clothes. (The recipe will follow at the end of the post.) I can’t remember if every September starts off with people dropping like flies with end-of-summer colds/flus but this year seems to have been really bad. Everyone seems to be affected somehow. Including yours truly.

All I want to do right now is sleep. It’s not looking like the spectacular weekend I was dreaming about since I woke up this morning with a throat full of razors. Since when did colds jump out and bite you without warning? As far as i remember, they give you some kind of sense of impending doom. Instead, I stumbled into work ready to turn around and head right back home. Ah well. At least I’m not coughing or sneezing. It’s still not fun to feel like your heads going to pop off your body because your sinuses feel like they’re being trampled by 18 elephants in slow, torturous succession.

I think this is prime writing time though. With no energy to do anything else, what can be better than writing and being creative? Surly I have the energy to press little keyboard buttons, heck I think an anemic mouse could do it. I can’t wait to get back into bed this afternoon and pick up where I left off. There’ll be a quick detour to the grocery store for the fixings of homemade chicken-gnocchi soup and my Sickie Drink.

Now, as promised, may I introduce you to The Sickie Drink:


fresh cut lemon (whole slice(s))

fresh ginger (peel removed, sliced/diced if you want)

raw honey

1 cinnamon stick

boiling water

Preparation: Adjust ratio to your preference (I love ginger so I put more in than lemon but that’s not for everyone) and let it steep in the boiling water about 20 min. By the time the water’s cooled it’s ready to drink! Of course, you can leave out whatever you want. The cinnamon stick should be fully unfurled by the time you’re ready to have it. Enjoy!

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