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Fresh Air & Sunshine

Yesterday and I went to the park today and I got a lot of thinking in regards to my story. I haven’t figured everything out yet but I have figured out a few bits. Sadly, can I remember what those points were? Nope. I screwed up on the writer’s cardinal rule- never go anywhere without a pen and paper.

Unintentionally, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the mystery story, though, and I think I have the ending figured out. Too bad I don’t have the character picked out yet. In fact, beside the main character’s name and setting, I know nothing else about it. Just as well since it’s the very last one to be written this year.

I wish I could get a grip on this story right now. I love horror! I adore the macabre! This should be a zippy story to write. Instead, I’m dragging my feet and indulging in laziness. The turkey dinner’s in the oven and the dogs are fed and have been let out so it seems to me that it’s a prime evening for some work. Now where is my thunder, lightning and cold winds?

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Final Word Count: nada.

I hope you all are enjoying a beautiful weekend (or had a beautiful one). I didn’t get any writing done and it’s 1:30 pm and I’m still sitting in my jammies and watching “Murder, She Wrote” instead of writing my story. Yesterday and I are going to go out for  walkies in the big city park today- it’s high time I went out for some fresh air and exercise. With such a beautiful day, I can’t stay cooped up all day.

Whatever I have right now (cold, sore throat, etc.), it’s not making life fantastic right now. It’s getting better but it’s not healing as quickly as I had hoped. It really does suck the energy out of me, making it tough to keep up with my writing. Leave it to me to get sick after the bug’s already been passed around. Sometimes writing is the safest activity for your health (as long as there isn’t a giant bag of potato chips beside your keyboard!)- the worst thing you could end up with is sore forearms, numb bum, and papercuts. I’ll take all those at once than a sore throat.

I think I’ve been so out of practice writing my blog I’ve forgotten how to write a proper post.  I apologize for the tangents in the previous few days/week. My story is developing in my head and I’ve been watching it unfurl in my mind but I’ve been so lazy with my writing. I think I really should return all the seasons of MSW to the movie store, perhaps then I’d be able to focus better and get stuff done. Things need to get moving. I suspect that taking September off was a very bad idea.

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