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I read C.B.’s thoughtful, supportive message this morning in reply to yesterday’s post and it got me to thinking about this crossroads. I think part of the struggle stems from wildly convoluted, involved plots. This happened last year in November for my first NaNoWriMo challenge. My story was fantastic in theory but perhaps having 2 main characters and 3 strong supporting ones is a little much. Maybe the stories are too ambitious for a month of writing.

I think part of what’s bothered me about the Western is that it feels too simple. But, if I try to complicate things and make it more interesting then I get all squirrely and wild. Once again, there’s no happy medium for me! It’s all or nothing, baby. ARGH *the angry dance of frustration*

This theorizing and speculation is all well and good but am I going to act on what I think I’ve figured out? Not too much I bet. The thing about all this mental wrestling is that I get to feel productive and artistic while not actually putting my new discoveries to the test. Growth is scary but the only one who can do this.

The true test of this is that I start writing and making a serious attempt at this month’s story. Maybe if I try physically writing the story for a bit, it’ll force me to slow down and think things through rather than jumping ahead of myself. I’m all about thinking of different ways to write and tricks to get the work done and i’ll try pretty much anything. The difficulty is that not everything will work all the time. I keep wishing there was a formula I could follow and make things easier but then when would I learn about my creative self and how much fun would his be? (Trust me, even though it sounds like i’m complaining or venting more than writing super fantastic, optimistic posts, I am enjoying this still.)

I’ve flirted with the idea of giving up, just to see how the decision feels and I don’t like it. I’m sticking with it- who knows what a future month will bring. That’s the beauty of this project, each month is something different so I may find the one perfect fit for my imagination. I kind of feel like the shoe in Cinderella.

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