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Final word Count: October 11, 2011- 1,000+ (some pages); no journal

I’ve gotten somewhat back on track. I’ve come to the realization that:

1. All this thinking isn’t helping. It’s great to be aware of what you can do to improve yourself and what problems need to be addressed, but there comes a point when too much introspection is going to get in the way. I’ve lost my ability to approach this month’s novel the way I generally approach most major things in my life (and plan to in the future- I’ve given friends and family fair warning that any wedding bells will be on the front of a postcard from Vegas). Living in my head is only good when it involves a creative process and a story. Otherwise it’s just bad news.

2. I don’t know who has a stronger hold on my internal monologue- Pascal, my Inner Critic or Josephine, my Inner Psychotherapist. I wish those two would just get it on so I can have some peace and quiet. They’re a match made in heaven- Pascal is bossy and critical and Josephine dissects and analyzes. Between the two of them, life is a smorgasboard of people and events to rip apart. They’re bound to have scowly babies who quote Freud, Jung, and Pavlov. Congratulations, you two on your brooding brood. Please, don’t make me babysit.

Thus, the crossroads have been deliberated and the path has been chosen. Over the next few days I’ve decided to take a hiatus from the Procrastination Station and focus on my writing the good old fashioned way. Pen, paper, and a healthy dose of research. Who knows how inspiration will strike! Hopefully there will be lots of good news once I emerge from this sabbatical. I’ll be sure to fill you in. Same bat time, same bat page!

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