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What is it about  this year that’s throwing my life and anticipated direction into limbo? I’m flying through my list of “never going to do” items and blithely proving my former self wrong. I AM a twitterer (I finally succumbed but I blame my love for @noraborealis for that- congrats on the fantastic wedding!) and I finally got a car. My first set of wheels! I never thought that would happen. Seriously. I have been fully expecting to go legally blind before being in a position to have my own car and utter freedom. I have no clue what’s next because unlike traditional lists, this one isn’t written down somewhere. In fact, a lot of items aren’t fully recognized, I don’t think.

Anyways, I have a feeling Twitter is going to suit me so much better than Facebook because I can update all I want and not drive my friends insane (as I have in the past). We’ll see what happens. But for right now, enough procrastinating and back to work I go! This story isn’t going to write itself.


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Final word Count: December 1, 2011- 585 (3 pages); no journal entry

It feels pretty great to get back into my routine. I didn’t get too much accomplished last night even though I stayed up way too late to try to get in all my words.

It’s going to take some mental gymnastics for me to get this story right. I thought I was doing really well because I hadn’t gotten 2 lines into my work yesterday and there’s already a copper coil and a work bench full of clock bits and pieces. Sadly, I’ve already run out of my knowledge of how mechanical things function and the components required (i.e. sprockets, cogs, and coils.) I need to do some research, fast!

I always said that the world should thank me that I decided not to pursue 2 professions- medicine and engineering. I’m of the variety where I’ll be super proud of myself for hanging pictures (with nails!) on the wall or fixing a toilet that won’t stop filling (usually by mashing the stopper into the hole at the bottom of the tank). Needless to say, I will never build a time machine. In fact, the thought of dreaming up names for machines and items my characters may come across gives me a moment of anxiety. So, I’ll do what I do when I dance- plaster a giant smile on my face and wow everyone with my enthusiasm. Perhaps they’ll ignore my lack of technical ability. There’s much to be said for faking it until you make it. This should be an interesting month with all the gadgets I’ll be wrapping my head around.

I was hoping to get a lot of work done today but the evening was a bust. Granted, play group with Yesterday was a ball. However, I skipped the last social dance of the season to get my work done. It’s so difficult to break out of a routine based on laziness and avoidance. No more! Off I go to my room for writing cuddles with Yesterday and get back into my story!

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