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I wish it would snow. Halloween and subsequently my birthday happened before I knew it and November whipped past in a blur. We’re now at the point where the first of next month is also the first day of 2012. How’d that happen?! So I want to see snow now. I almost forgot about my Christmas movies (“Holiday Inn,” “White Christmas,” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”) until my friend said she had already watched “White Christmas.”

As I hoped you didn’t notice at the start but I’ve ignored the word count because I haven’t been too disciplined or focused yet. Let’s start hearing it… Bad San! Oh how I’ve missed those two words because for the past few months I haven’t had the energy to care about the outcome enough to give those six little letters meaning. But now they do now and I’ve got my work cut out for me. Too bad I have no idea what that is exactly.

I’d be lying if my tiny fingers aren’t crying from the¬†thought of all the miles of keystrokes they have to traverse in order for me to get to my 50,000th word. It seems so huge, I actually paused as I typed that number and made sure I didn’t add an extra zero. It seems unfathomable right now that I can start at 0 and end up at 50,000 AND pace it so that the story’s finished. Not too early and not too rushed at the end. That’s quite remarkable and to be honest, the only way I’ll probably ever write a book.

I have a sneaking suspicion that any self-respecting Steampunk story will involve leather corsets and ankle-length coats and goggles. Have no fear, by the time I hit page 10, they’ll make an appearance somehow. And do you know what? I’ve had the first flash of inspiration since I’ve rediscovered my fight and creativity. I know exactly what’s going to happen. My characters are no longer going to wallow in the garden and wander aimlessly through the Delphinium. Yay! It’s so much easier to sit down and really work through a chunk of the story when you have a loose idea of where to take it. It’s even more rewarding though, when you end up somewhere unexpected and it works even better than the original path!


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